Divorce & Family Law

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The attorneys at Gaughen, Gaughen, Lane & Hernando are trained litigators who are not afraid to advocate for fair, effective and lasting agreements. Our courtroom experience helps us to effectively advise, advocate and, when necessary, fight for what is rightfully yours. Not every case benefits from protracted litigation, our skilled attorneys will advise you at every step of the way to help you determine the best course of action for your case. 

Every case is unique. Contact an attorney today for a free consultation to review your matter.

Custody & Visitation

The attorneys at Gaughen, Gaughen, Lane & Hernando recognize that the agreements we craft on your behalf will effect you, your child and your  child's parent for years to come. As a client your goals are our paramount concern and we work with you to reach a comprehensive, fair and manageable parenting agreement. Many of the attorneys in this firm are former prosecutors who use their knowledge and familiarity with the rules of evidence and methods of trial practice to obtain just results for you. 
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